Providing High Quality & Affordable Lawn Care & Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

Professional Lawn Care & Irrigation Installation and Maintenance in Calgary

Prestige Pop-Up Sprinklers has been proud to serve Calgary and Area for over 30 years. Family owned and operated, we take pride in providing friendly, affordable, and professional service.

Through industry training, professional memberships, and many years of experience, Prestige Pop-up Sprinklers strives to stay on top of innovations in the industry. This ensures customers are receiving the best products and services possible.

Prestige Pop-up Sprinklers is an all season provider of underground irrigation installation and service; lawn care services; Christmas Light installation; and winter snow clearing services. We are your outdoor technicians taking care of the things that cost you time so you are free to do what you want.
Whether it is a broken sprinkler head, a punctured garden line, or an entire zone that doesn’t seem to be working: our technicians can take care of it.

Are you building a new deck, installing a shed, or expanding a garden? These projects may impact the operation of your irrigation system!

Consider upgrading to more water efficient sprinkler heads and nozzles, or replacing an ancient controller with a newer model that has more functions! Whatever the situation, our technicians can be of help to you.

We want you and your lawn to benefit from our service.

“It’s a Life Style Thing!”