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Thatch in Turf
April 2, 2013
Don’t Have A Blow-Up – Get a Blow-Out!
April 2, 2013
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Power Raking vs. De-thatching

Power raking and de-thatching are done using the same machine.  Deciding which practice to implement is the key.  De-thatching should only be done in cases where the thatch layer is very thick.  De-thatching causes a lot of damage and requires some good old tender love and care for the turf afterwards.  The machine used is equipped with knife like blades that slice through and yank up the thatch layer.  For de-thatching, the knives cut deep into the turf.  This is why there is so much damage.

For Power raking, the depth of the knives is more shallow.  Power raking is a great way to get your turf off to a fabulous growing start.  Power raking skims the top layer of the turf and strips off the matted cap of dead grass and debris that accumulates on the turf through the winter.  It’s important to have Power raking done in the beginning of the season before any real growth starts to take place in the lawn.

To give the lawn a really special treat and to encourage new growth, try top-dressing and over-seeding the lawn after either of Power raking or de-thatching.  Introducing new seeds and some new organic material, such as topsoil, will take full advantage of the freshly groomed turf and soil.