Irrigation Sprinkler System Maintenance on Your Property

Affordable & Quality Sprinkler System Maintenance in Calgary

Avoid the hassles of starting up your system in the spring by having us do it for you! Enjoy the piece of mind through the season that your irrigation sprinkler system is running without any problems, while you spend time taking in the warm weather and beautiful sunshine!

garden sprinkler on the green lawn

Start-up Visit

One of our technicians will visit your home at the start of the season, and put your system through a complete test. From the controller to the last sprinkler head, they will ensure everything is in top working order and leave your system ready to perform for the season.

A residential start-up package includes travel time to your site and inspecting the irrigation system for damaged or broken components. The technician will run through your system using a 19 point checklist. Re-programming the controller, checking the rain sensor, adjusting sprinkler nozzles, and checking for leaks are some of the important components they will look at. Once they have identified any problems, they will discuss the issues with you and make necessary repairs. Start-up fees are charged based on the size of your system and the time it will take to run through the checklist. Additional time on site for repairs and parts are charged in addition to the start-up fees. Take advantage of our great pre-pay package options to save money on your start up!

Affordable & Quality Sprinkler System Maintenance in Calgary

Mid-season Visits

Any number of issues can cause damage to your lawn throughout the season. Anything from vandalism to general wear and tear can cause sprinklers to stop working. As temperatures rise, so do the water requirements of our plants and lawn.

As part of our great service one of our technicians out to do a quick check up. Our technician will do a quick system check and make adjustments to your watering schedule. Don’t miss this opportunity as it is a highly important step in the maintenance cycle of your Irrigation system and your landscape.


Winterization Visit

When the warm weather starts to cool and fall sets in full force, it's time to prepare your sprinkler system for the winter. Water trapped in irrigation lines can freeze and destroy your irrigation system. We protect your investment by shutting down your system properly. Our crews will use industrial air compressors to blowout the residual water in the lines. We never know when Old Man Winter will setup shop and stay, so book your service before it's too cold and too late.

We Provide Service in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Langdon, High River, Okotoks.