Care for Your Lawn With an Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation

Quality & Professional Irrigation System Installations Located in Calgary

quality-professional-irrigation-system-installations-calgaryWhen it comes to a professionally installed lawn sprinkler system we provide our clients with a full service installation. We have top of the line machinery in place that is handled with care by a number of skilled workers who work on our installation team.

Whether you have an existing yard you want to improve on or you are starting off fresh, an irrigation system is a wonderful addition to any landscape design! When you are deciding on a new irrigation system for your property speak to us about our system standards that are included with every installation.

  • System Standards:
  • Winterization (included for first season)
  • Automatic Sprinkler Controller
  • 30-day maintenance visit
  • Outside Service Shut off
  • System Maps
  • Back-flow Prevention
  • System Orientation
  • Rain Sensor
  • Water Saving Upgrades available
  • Sprinkler

    Built With Quality and Designed for Maintainability

    Prestige Pop-up Sprinklers is a best of bread installer. Manufactures are continually innovating and creating amazing products, unfortunately no one company has the best products. We hand pick the best products, with the highest reliability from the Top 3 manufactures Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro.Many companies will offer quality parts on the surface but substitute with sub-par installation underground. Our solutions are engineered to reduce maintenance issues in the future as we look to establish long term relationships with our clients. Why get it cheap now when it's going to cost you more in the future. Our systems are an investment that reduces your operating and maintenance costs. Although you might not see what's in the ground, we do, and it matters to us.


    Water Savings from the Start

    Our systems are designed for proper coverage of your property to ensure everything grows and water is used efficiently. Water rates are increasing and we want ensure that you are using the least amount of water to keep your landscape lush, green, and healthy.

    1. All our systems take advantage of Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensors at no additional cost. These smart sensors shutoff the irrigation system when Mother Nature is providing free rain or when it's too cold for your plants to take a drink.
    2. Full proper coverage of sprinkler sprays for the property. We minimize wasting water on concrete, fences, decks, and patios. Our sprinklers are tuned to put water where it is needed. We also use head to head coverage to reduce how long you need to water to reach everything. Cutting a corner by installing fewer sprinkler heads will result in longer watering and larger water bills.
    3. Not all sprinklers are created equal. Our optional upgrades include efficient sprinkler bodies that include pressure regulating and seal-o-matic technology. It's those technical details that make a difference in the long run.

    Doing it Right to Keep You Safe

    Your health and safety is an important concern for us. Long gone are the days when you could just install an irrigation system off your garden hose bib. The plumbing code requires the installation of a Double Check Back Flow Prevention Device. Our Certified Cross Connection testers ensure that the required permits are in place and certify the device yearly. Failing to do it right cost home owners hefty fines and puts the family at risk of getting sick.Safety doesn't stop there. We will do the leg work for you to ensure that the proper utility locates are done so that no one accidentally hits a gas line. Our crews are fully versed in safety and complete site hazard assessments, wear proper safety equipment, show up wearing uniforms, and constantly work at keeping the construction site safe. A contractor's failure to adhere to Provincial Safety Codes can put you at risk of a lawsuit. Let us do it right for you!


    The Complete Installation Package

    With over 30 years of experience we are like the Navy Seals of Irrigation. We could complete your project with our eyes closed, but that would be silly! Our process takes care of all the details. Upon completion we perform a quality assurance process to ensure everything is perfect. Our team goes through an orientation and education presentation so you know how to operate your irrigation system. We create maps showing where lines are buried and where sprinklers are installed. We come back after 30 days to fine tune the system and address any concerns you may have. Finally we include the winterization of your system for that first season. We believe that when we quote you a price, it should include all the costs with no extra surprises in the year.


    Lifetime Installation Warranty

    Most companies offer a 1, 2, or 3 year warranty. We stand behind the quality of our craftsmanship and selection of manufactures that we will provide a standard 5 year warranty with an option for a limited life time warranty for all new system installations. Speak to one of our sales representatives for more information about this warranty and how to take advantage of this optional warranty subscription.

    Do-It-Yourself Installations

    For those that enjoy the challenge and great feeling that comes with completing a project, try our DIY Package.
    We put together the system design and parts for you, then you do the install!

    We Provide Service in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Langdon, High River, Okotoks.